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Geotechnical / Environmental Engineering

The Robert B. Balter Company's staff of engineers and geologists perform a wide variety of professional engineering and geologic services. Our professionals have extensive practical and theoretical experience and training, and provide comprehensive geotechnical and geo-environmental evaluations and consulting for every phase of a project. Services begin with preliminary site development; proceed to final design, plans, specifications, and value engineering; continue during construction of site improvements, buildings and infrastructure; and extend to post-construction performance evaluations and failure investigations.

Our professional staff of engineers and geologists average over 24 years in geotechnical and geo-environmental practice with experience in most states and many foreign countries. Their diverse training includes formal education with advanced degrees from varied universities, in-house training and continuing education. Credentials incude PE and PG registrations, and certifications by AHERA, ACI, OSHA, MDE, and various local jurisdictions. This diversity helps us to solve even the most unusual problems with technically excellent and cost-effective solutions for our clients. As a result, there are very few situations that we haven't already engineered in some way. It is a major factor in our long-standing tradition of excellence, which has resulted in numerous engineering awards for our company.


  • Subsurface Investigations and in-situ testing
  • Automated Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
  • Feasibility Studies, Soils and Groundwater Characterizations
  • Foundation and Slab Design Recommendations
  • Earthwork and Soil Stabilization Engineering
  • Pavement Evaluation and Design
  • Excavations, Tunnels, Shafts, Walls and Underpinning
  • Slope Stability Analysis and Slope Failure Correction
  • Seepage Analyses for Stormwater Management, Dams, Landfills
  • Failure Investigations and Remedial Recommendations
  • Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Control
  • Geophysical Surveys and Testing
  • Specialized Instrumentation
  • Aquifer/Pump Testing and Groundwater Studies
  • Pre-construction Surveys, Blasting and Vibration Evaluations
  • Dam Investigations and Design Recommendations
  • Marine Facilities including Bulkheads, Piers, Jetties, and Dolphins
  • Value Engineering, Constructibility Reviews
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support


  • Real Estate Environmental Assessments
  • Contamination Assessments (Soil, Groundwater and Material Analysis)
  • Groundwater Recovery and Treatment Systems
  • Monitoring Well Installation and Groundwater Monitoring
  • Asbestos Sampling and Surveys
  • Specialized Studies
  • Environmental Laboratory Testing